The Real Story

Terry Crawford has little to do with the current campaign for District 3 Commissioner. I will spend no time in this post talking about the different views Terry and I have on governance. The feigned outrage about Vanita supporting her friend, who happens to be a Democrat, is not what this write-in attempt is all about. Those of you who are hoodwinked into believing this….this post is for you.

Jeff Mullis needs to control local governments in his senate district. His salary depends on our tax money paid by your local county commissioners into an organization called the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority. On the heels of TSPLOST failing, Vanita spoke about prioritizing our roads from a budgetary perspective. In doing that, she mentioned the amount of money being spent on economic development. Jeff told her this was why he was getting involved. He felt the taxpayer money going into JDA and his salary was threatened. She still has the text message to verify this as being his reason for attacking her. Don’t fall for the story being spun by Mullis and his big money political firms in Atlanta. Anyone can look at his voting record and see how committed he is to conservatize values. CPAC (the biggest conservative political action committee) gave him a failing grade. His intervention in this race is about self preservation as opposed to ideological purity.

As the latest example of these tactics, his Atlanta based hit job organizations have recently put out a flyer inviting people to a meet and greet. Included on that flier were no less than three local elected officials who had no idea their names were being used on the invitation. This puts local elected officials in the position to have to call him and ask for their name to be removed if they do not want to be involved. It wasn’t a mistake. It was intentional. Two Catoosa County Commissioners and a State Representative had the nerve to publicly state they are not involved and/or to remove their names from the invitation. They earned my respect by standing up and not being intimidated into something in which they wanted to remain neutral.

The trash fliers are another way he consistently intervenes. Making perfectly good and dedicated people seem evil, childish, or incompetent are just a few of the examples I’ve seen from local political mail-outs associated with races in which Mullis has been involved. Here in Catoosa County, we have the opportunity to know each other locally, and that’s why these demonization tactics are particularly ineffective and inappropriate at the local level. Make your case based on record as opposed to photoshopped pictures to demean our neighbors.

Some of the same people who criticize me for speaking openly about the things I see in local politics are the same people who remain silent while the above tactics are implemented. I’m sick of the cowardly anonymous mailers demonizing good people. I’m sick of politicians working harder toward their own interest as opposed to the people they serve. These tactics will only embolden good people to stand up as opposed to intimidating weak people to submit. I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to manipulate voters through anonymous and misleading mailers, but I do have my voice and vote. I encourage you to use your voice and vote too.

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