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City Update

Economic development in the city is happening in various places, and I wanted to mention a few.  Dunkin Donuts is in the midst of constructing a plant on Industrial Court that will bring about 70 jobs to the city and distribute to about 60 stores throughout the area.  Hamilton Medical is constructing a facility next to the Zaxby’s down Alabama Highway to help fill in that development.  Kresh development is currently constructing a new building next to the Ringgold vet’s office that will either be another restaurant or possibly a retail establishment.  Center for Sports Medicine on Battlefield Parkway across from the Rock Fitness is about to begin their structure and Larry Armour is working to fill the remaining development with various businesses.  Mountain View CDJ has been clearing their spot on Alabama Highway for their new dealership, and construction will begin there soon.  Daniel Silvers, on Bookout Road, is working to build a plumbing and retail space that will also be office and warehouse.  Spring Hill Suites, beside the existing Marriot and new Farm to Fork building, has begun their dirt/storm water work and will be under construction soon.

Our nature trail and creek have some new features you will be seeing in the near future.  The first part has already started in dealing with some standing water that has been problematic across the new concrete extension beyond our water plant.  Also, engineering has started to connect that concrete extension from the water plant with more concrete all the way to the wooden walkway on the existing part of our trail toward the ball fields.  This engineering includes better parking at the water plant with new asphalt.  We will be moving the fence back toward the water plant to make room for this improved access to our nature trail.  Also, we are actively constructing concrete steps along the bank that will work as a pull around for our kayakers at the pipe that goes across the creek behind Bluff View subdivision.  This portage will be a welcome addition for people who put in at our canoe launch at the ball fields and get out behind Ringgold High School at our exit the school board and city have made available there.

Bridge work is slated to begin very soon on Alabama Highway over the interstate and creek.  Those bridges will be raised 5-6 feet and be more pedestrian friendly.  Also, the widening will begin at Hazel Drive (just beyond the Zaxby’s and college) and move back toward the interstate.  I’ll keep you as updated as I am on that project as it moves along.

There is currently a petition making the rounds through the city to allow the city of Ringgold to issue business licences to potential package distilled spirits stores.  Once the petition is complete, there will be a citywide vote to determine if the community allows such establishments in the city.  The city council will have an item on our next agenda (Aug. 14th) regarding how to regulate those stores in case it passes.  We can determine how many stores, where they can be located, and the zoning/size requirements.  Having 3 exits along the interstate, I can’t imagine we would allow any more than 3 such stores into the city, but that will be discussed, researched, and decided by the city council in a way that is responsible for our city.  As always, we would certainly welcome input from our community as to how to make this potential transition work for all of us.

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