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I’d like to start by addressing the opiate treatment facility coming to the old city electric building that’s fairly close to our downtown.  The exact location is .31 miles after you go under the railroad underpass going toward Tiger Creek Elementary leaving downtown Ringgold.  We have been working with our state delegation in Atlanta over the past couple of years to give us more tools to have a say in whether or not these types of facilities can move into our city.  Those efforts have paid off in bringing about a moratorium that is currently in place state wide for one year.  We will continue to work with our state legislature to make sure they use this time to give local municipalities the tools they need in order to have greater say in how we choose to grow our communities.  Unfortunately, this facility’s application came in before that took effect.  We had no legal authority to even review their applications before the state issued their operating license.  They very well may be opening in the near future, but we are diligently verifying they have met all the parameters necessary for this type of facility.  We have also been reviewing information brought to us by concerned citizens and addressing their concerns in every way we can.  The love people within our community have for Ringgold has shown through beautifully during this process.

The city (through our DDA) has purchased Benton Coal property that constitutes most of the block between our downtown business district (where Caffeine Addicts and Home Plate are located) and city hall.  We are excited about the opportunity to bring more business to this area through developing parking and business pads around that block.  We’ve already removed two old buildings that were eye sores in that area, and the future looks bright for the rest of the property.  This is a significant growth area for local business owners who will live and work here much like many of the businesses that currently make up our downtown business district. The property the city has brought under it’s control is outlined in yellow in the picture below.  The red area signifies the buildings we have removed.


For those who put their kayaks/canoes in at our new canoe launch at the soccer fields (behind Ringgold City Pool) we now have an “out” behind Ringgold High School.  If you drive down Sparks Street passed the Ringgold High School ROTC building and to the corner of that road by the softball field, there is a gravel pull off to the right that goes behind the school.  At the end of that road there is a place where a car can be parked to pick up kayakers at the end of about a 2 hour trip from where they put in at or current canoe launch.  There are beautiful boulders that extend out into the creek and create a natural ramp for people to take their canoes/kayaks out.  The city is very grateful to the Superintendent and school board for their support and partnership in allowing us to use this area. Here is a picture of the creek route:


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