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City Update

Highway 151 widening was on a recent agenda, and we are finishing paperwork to prepare for construction in October – November this year.  Our mood is cautiously optimistic the state will move forward and fund this project in August.

We recently secured a Nature Trail Grant of $100,000 from the state.  Our plan is to make a better connection/entry point for our nature trail where Depot Street goes back to our water plant at the trail.  We’ve added a beautiful paved extension there.  The Lyndhurst Foundation has also committed another $25,000.  They have become a valuable partner and deserve thanks from everyone in the community.

The council has also voted to visit a solar field in Chatsworth and gather information on potential funding sources to explore the possibility of changing some of our biggest power users over to solar.  Following in the model of what Chatsworth has done would be in all of our fiscal and environmental best interest.  In addition to solar power, the city has now voted to transition our street lights to LED type lighting.  You will gradually see a shift in the look of our streets at night.  I am excited about the new hue our streets will have, and we’ll be saving money along the way.  They use only a fraction of the electricity our current lights use.

We have extended the current contract with our Ringgold Soccer program until August.  Darnell Byrd and Earl Epps do a great job bringing families into the community and providing a better quality of life within our city.  I look forward to signing a much longer contract in August.

You can always visit our City Page that has  our video and agendas available if you would like a more comprehensive review.  As always, I would love to answer any questions you may have about any item on our agendas.

-Mayor Millwood

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