2-8-16 Council Meeting

We began our meeting by the council denying a request from a company wanting to rezone a property on Guyler Street from R-2 to R-3.  This would have allowed the developer to put a duplex on the property as opposed to a single family residence the lot was zoned for.  Multiple residences from around the lot in question showed up to argue against the rezoning, and the council ultimately sided with the people that lived in the area.

We also got an update on our ground water well being constructed on Poplar Springs Road.  We have been successful in our attempt to install a 10″ well in order to supply our residents with quality water.  The new well produces an estimated 1- 1.5 million gallons a day.  Our current city usage is 400-500 thousand gallons a day.  The well water will require less chemical treatment than is required to clean the creek water we currently use.  There will be some cost on the front end to lay pipe out to the well site, but the money we will save in the long run on chemicals as well as the added security of another water source that is even more reliable than the creek is something we are all excited about on the council.

We also got some news on our Chapman Road project.  We are trying to make that intersection more safe for residents entering Highway 41 from Chapman Road by the Sonic drive in as well as alleviate flash flooding issues on that road.  The GDOT has authorized $350,000 toward the project, and the remaining $280,000 had been agreed on to be split between the county and city governments.  We were recently informed that the county commission has pulled their support due to budgeting issues they are currently dealing with.  This has put the city in a precarious spot, at the end of this process, to fully fund the $280,000 or lose the $350,000 GDOT has approved.  In exchange for pulling support for this project, the county has said that they are willing to fund a stormwater project not to exceed $140,000 from their 2019 SPLOST if that tax is approved by the voters.  Our council is planning on addressing how to move forward at a meeting in the near future.

We also addressed a potential sewer addition on Hillcrest Circle, and the council approved moving forward with adding some residences in that area to our sewer system.

Next, I included an agenda item to have a city picnic for the employees of the city and their families to get together for an event to develop a sense of community within our government.  As Mayor, there are many city employees I have never met, and would love the opportunity to spend time with them in a non work environment to get to know them.  From what I hear, we have exceptional employees that have long tenures for our city and it would be nice to show our appreciation with an event geared toward honoring them.

I also included an agenda item about creating a Health and Wellness committee for our city.  The point of having it on the agenda was to inform the council of my intent to form the committee and to solicit their input in regards to the committee’s focus and board make-up.  In the next month or two, I anticipate completing the committee and submitting it to the council for approval.  As opposed to rewriting about the point of the committee I will reference you to the article I wrote about it at THIS LINK.

The final agenda item was introduced by a local resident to declare March social work month.  She is currently completing coarse work at Dalton State and part of her obligations there is to have community outreach and local recognition of the importance of social work for the most vulnerable in our community.

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