Health & Wellness Committee

Included on our next agenda is an item about creating a committee with the goal of identifying opportunities to promote health and wellness in our community.  Group “health walks”, 5K runs, and health challenges could all be scheduled and facilitated through an interested group of individuals willing to donate a small amount of time to make a big impact on our community.  I have a couple of people I am targeting, but we need some volunteers to not only be part of the committee, but also help with potential events.

If you are interested in becoming healthier or helping others become healthier, I encourage you to take part in this effort.  We will have the community, life, and relationships we work toward.  Creating fun and family inclusive events through smart planning and marketing is one of the main goals of forming this board.  There are some ideas I personally have, but collaborating with capable and informed people could exponentially make my own ideas better and vice versa with the ideas from people making up this group.

We already have events within the city we could enhance to include healthy living aspects such as our Haunted Depot and 1890’s day.  It would be easy to add things like a 5k zombie run and obstacle course race to these events.  Creating groups that could support and encourage each other through healthy eating and exercise challenges could be organized independent of existing events.

I will post updates and opportunities to take part as well as program information as we complete the committee formation process and move toward setting goals.  If you have a specific interest and would like to take part, please e-mail me at with things you are willing to do from being a committee member to volunteering to make events run smoothly.

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2 responses to “Health & Wellness Committee

  1. Tammy Cole

    Mayor Millwood, I would love to help on this committee or volunteer in some way. I can send you my resume or whatever you need to learn more about me. Thanks! Tammy Cole

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