Jan. 25, 2016 Council Meeting

We began the meeting with a local scout requesting to build an additional 2-3 “Little Libraries” as a part of his Eagle Scout project.  We approved up to 10 on city property when the program initially began, and this was a welcome opportunity to expand our program that Jill Richmond (a teacher at Ringgold Middle) initiated for the city last year.

We had 4 zoning cases, 3 of which were approved with unanimous votes, and one that was tabled until a future meeting.  The 3 that were approved consisted of a property being annexed into the city, a rezone from R3 to O1 of a property that lies between our business and residential districts, and subdivision of property with a slight variance for development considerations.  The case that got tabled was a situation in which an incorporation wanted to have a zoning change from R2 to R3 which would have allowed them to construct a duplex in a single family housing area.  There were persuasive arguments made both for and against, but the council ultimately voted to table (delay) and seek council from the city attorney before making a final decision.

We also approved the countywide 5 year plan that Catoosa County, Ft. Oglethorpe, and Ringgold jointly worked on to identify improvement opportunities throughout the county. The council had representatives present during the planning process and we are going to look at the recommendations comprehensively at an upcoming meeting.

Randall also presented the renewal for our local Emergency Planning Committee so that I could sign off on the city being a voting member.

We also worked through some decorum issues in regards to how the meetings should run and how members of the council and the public interact.  I shared some of what I had learned from our Charter and other cities’ processes to the council, and they seemed willing to work within the charter to make the meetings run smoothly.  The start we have had within the meeting environment has been encouraging.


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2 responses to “Jan. 25, 2016 Council Meeting

  1. Kailey

    Congratulations on your win Mayor Elect Millwood! I have recently moved back to Ringgold after being away for college and other various opportunities. I love the idea about the “Little Libraries” to be placed around the community, what a great idea for an Eagle Scout project. I’m eager to see this community thrive and I’d love to be apart of it! Do you have an email in which I can reach you? Thank you!

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