1-19-16 Council Meeting

The council voted to make some changes to our charter (the rules governing our city) at our last council meeting.

The first change the council made was to add a section in the charter that required the council to review the compensation the council receives every odd calendar year.  In effect, the point of the addition is to give the council the opportunity to review how much the council receives in compensation without the need for a specific  council member to have the stigma of adding it to the agenda.  Personally, I will never ask for a raise, but I hope they don’t decide to take any Mayoral pay away.  I knew what I was getting into when I ran, and the $6,000 I make a year is fine by me.

The next change was to add something to the Meetings section of our charter that allowed 3 council members to cancel a special called meeting that has been called by the mayor or vice mayor.  Currently, the mayor, vice mayor, or 3 council members can call a meeting, but cancelling a special called meeting may now be done by 3 council members.

Next, there were conflicting sections within the charter about what constituted a quorum (the number of people needed to conduct city business and vote).    We resolved to define a quorum as 4 members of all the council.

The next change was in the section defined Council Interference with Administration.  The best way to state this change is to contrast the old with the new.  The old sentence read, “…the city council or it’s members shall deal with city officers and employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the manager solely through the manager…”, and the new sentence will read, “…the Mayor, city council, or it’s members shall deal with city officers and employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the manager solely through the manager…”.

The next change was to deal with conflicting explanations for how the mayor’s seat is to be filled in the case of a vacancy.  One section read that the council elects a replacement while another read the Vice Mayor acts as mayor until a replacement is elected.  We made both sections read that the Vice Mayor will replace in case of a vacancy.  Hopefully no one on the council is trying to get rid of me yet, but we needed to fix the discrepancy in what happens if the mayor’s seat becomes unexpectedly vacant.

The last change was to make an exception within the Charter to allow for someone from the council to be on our Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB).  The CVB asked that one of our council be included in their board to facilitate communication between the city and the board.

I’ll keep you updated on how these changes affect decision making in the city moving forward.




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2 responses to “1-19-16 Council Meeting

  1. Summer

    Mayor Millwood,
    After reading the paragraph regarding Council Interference with Administration, I’m left a little dumbfounded. Please correct me if my comprehension is lacking. My understanding is that the City Manager is the SOLE person that disciplines all City Officers and employees under his supervision. You and The Council have NO say whatsoever, his actions and decisions trump any of yours and ONE MAN controls all of this? What happens if his decisions aren’t just? I, personally, don’t see how it is fair to have one man make these decisions. With one person making these decisions, who holds him accountable & oversees HIS actions? It seems to me that this wording states that this one man is exhibiting more power than the Mayor, the Council & the residents of this City, allowing him to run over people and take out personal vendettas against “HIS” employees as HE seems appropriate.
    To my knowledge, the City has lost many valuable employees because of this tyrant. I would really like to see a change with you in office and I believe that you can restore dignity to this Town, The Council & Employees.

    • City employees do have the right in another section of the code to appeal to the council within 24 hours of being terminated. The council then rules on the decision. Ultimately, if the city manager abuses his position, the council’s recourse would be to find another city manager. That would take a 3 vote majority. I appreciate your concern and words of support, and it’s an important job of the council to hire and monitor our manager in a way that’s fair to all our employees. I personally take that responsibility seriously and will do my best to represent our city’s values in this regard.

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