Thank You

My wife, Lori, is such a beautiful source of love and inspiration.  She is the biggest contributor to my endeavors, and her commitment to excellence helps drive our family daily.  Thank you Lori.

The support I have received throughout the process of running for the Mayor’s office has been my wings when I felt tired or discouraged.  Interacting with so many people in such a short period of time was a reminder from my last campaign that my neighbor’s words of support and encouragement stay with me moving forward.  Those are the interactions that I can remember most vividly and fondly.  If you spoke to me and encouraged me, it made a difference.  Thank you.  The outpouring on Facebook and in person has been overwhelming, and I’ve never been told congratulations so much in my life.  All of the support before, during, and after the race has been so humbling.

The Mayor has agreed to administer my oath of office at City Hall on January 4th at 7:00 p.m.  He has become such a meaningful person in my life, and I owe him a thank you beyond measure not only for the work he has put in before me, but also for the principles he helped instill.

Thank you to Jerry Payne and Tony Hullender.  Because of their input and fight they have for the city, I believe I had to work harder and push more to earn the job of Mayor.  This process made me a better candidate.  It was a clean campaign where we tried to put forth our ideas and experience for the city.

I am so excited for the future.  Thank you all for the gift of hope, excitement, and possibility for me personally and for our city.


Mayor-Elect Millwood


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