New Recreation Field Master Plan

This is our new master plan for the fields behind our pool.  The paths shown encircling the area are going to be concreted.  There’s much more room for soccer because of it’s growth.  Earl and Darnell have done a fantastic job growing our community’s soccer program and they’re bringing families into the community to eat, play, and shop.  This plan basically doubles the size we currently provide for soccer.  The area by Emberson Drive is going to be a wounded warriors playground for everyone, but especially the disabled in and around our community.  Disabled kids who want to play will have a place, and disabled parents can actually go on the playground and play with their kids.  A splash pad is beside the pool that will come in the future.   We’ve also added a lot of parking along Emberson, by the soccer fields, and by our new canoe launch.  We’re excited to finally be moving forward with a plan.  Grading and drainage work is slated to begin this Fall to ready the fields and pathways.

Master Plan

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