Our Mayor

On June the 29th, our Mayor of 40 years received the honor of being inducted into the Municipal Hall of Fame.  All of our councilman were able to attend the event in Savannah, Georgia along with some of the Mayor’s family to honor what has become an impressive and enduring legacy.   In 1976, he was elected Mayor after serving as Vice Mayor the previous six years.  Serving with someone that has shaped our community through such momentous transitions has been an honor and a learning experience that will serve me the rest of my life.  I feel that in serving with the Mayor, there is an opportunity to bridge future generations with those of the past in a unique and special way.


I’m so honored to have been the Vice Mayor during our Mayor’s last years in office. This is a good man.

Even into his 80’s, the Mayor’s dedication to fighting for what is right for the city is strong.  He is quite the bulldog when he believes he has found the right course for the city, and his passion has led to some vey exciting interactions during my time on the council.  Though we are not always on the same side of each issue, I have never questioned the Mayor’s motivation and genuine love for the city from which so many of his citizens have benefited.  He fights hard to do what is best for us all, and that has had the biggest impact on me during our time together.

There was a recent issue the Mayor brought before the council regarding cleaning up the creek and clearing out undergrowth to ensure less flooding.  Initially a majority of the council were against doing what the Mayor asked, but as I spoke with him and began to understand all he had done to reduce flooding in and around the city, I began to question the council’s position (and my own position initially) and more fully considered the Mayor’s wisdom and experience.  Ultimately, we brought it back before the council and made the right decision.  In the twilight of his storied tenure, the Mayor is still influencing the city in a way that protects us, even though he my not see the many years of benefit decisions like this will yield.

Perhaps no man or woman will have a bigger impact on the city of Ringgold’s history than that of our Mayor.  If anyone is to have as big an impact, they have an exceptionally tall mountain to climb.  He has certainly inspired me to strap on my hiking boots.


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