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In the works

The city has a few projects in the works that I’m excited about and want to share.  One of the things we’ve been working on in the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) is getting WiFi available in our downtown area.  With a new college coming to town and our council’s emphasis on revitalizing our downtown area, adding WiFi has been something we’ve been working to add for a while now.  Ringgold Telephone Company has been trying to work out a proposal, and it looks like we have a potential plan in place.  The internet is really just in it’s adolescence, and the real benefits that it can afford our lives will begin to materialize as it matures.  Providing this service serves our local businesses with added benefits and our citizens with an opportunity to enjoy our downtown while they work, play, or shop.

The council has recently approved recording our City Council meetings and providing them to the public as a live stream during the meeting and on demand afterward.  Our council meetings are very interesting to me and I thoroughly enjoy working through complex issues that face our city, but they can appear to be mundane and boring at times during meetings.  With the ability to see what is on the agenda and tune in to specific items of interest, we can better engage the public about how the city is being shaped.  Making the council meetings more accessible and having a more informed citizenry was one of my main goals when I was seeking office.  This service will be instrumental in keeping us informed and giving people the opportunity to take part in the process as they see agenda items they may have expertise or interest in.

Our sidewalk and trail master planning is coming along nicely to make our community as pedestrian friendly as possible.  Our current trail along the creek is in the process of being extended past our water plant all the way to the next train truss.  This is a 10′ wide concreted trail extension that follows along our best natural resource in our city which is our creek.  We have also extended our trail all the way down Robin Road along the creek (from 5 points to behind Walgreen’s).  Bill Clark has graciously leased that entire beautiful field and creek walk for the city to enjoy.  I’ve included a picture below.

new  creekwalk

red=trail \ blue=parking

It’s a beautiful area.  Also, we’ve leased the property behind Ingles, which is one of the most beautiful properties in the whole city.  I encourage everyone to utilize it for walks and family outings.  The sidewalk connecting CVS and our current sidewalk heading East on Highway 41 is also coming along nicely.   Ultimately we are trying to interconnect completely, but our approach has been to see where the most foot traffic is occurring and fill in those places for safety reasons.

We have many other projects such as trying to access well water, changing to liquid chemicals as opposed to powder chemicals at our water treatment plant, and various zoning issues.  We are trying to grow our city as responsibly as possible and these are some momentous changes that we are currently working through.

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