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Update on Life and Council

We’ve just finished a mini surgery with my youngest daughter. She’s recuperating well. My wife and three girls are doing great. My oldest, Allison, has started running on my middle school cross country team. She’s at RMS with me this year. Anna is fabulous and in 5th grade at RES. Molly’s 2 1/2 and already established such a strong identity. My Lori is beautiful, hard working, and devoted. I cannot say enough grateful things about her. School’s right around the corner and it’s exciting getting a new set of students.

City Council stuff:

There’s some city land in the Bluff View area that the council is (hopefully) willing to lend for a community garden. It’s beside my house in an area that they were apparently going to put a pump station at one point. The land is big enough to put pretty much anything we want. I’m going to try and partner with a local home improvement store to sponsor the project. To make it beautiful like some garden of Eden feel would be really neat. A fruit/veggie/flower/community hang out garden would be wonderful. A great reason and destination for an evening stroll. Involving our local retirement community on Lone Mountain would also be nice. Finding someone to volunteer to pick them up periodically should be easy enough. Many living there can still drive. We could also donate a portion of the food to local people in need. An effective project like this could strengthen the community in so many ways.

We’re also looking for ways to utilize our creek area throughout the city because it is our best and most beautiful natural resource. The canoe / kayak launch will be nice, but we still need to find a good “out” point and figure a good way to address the pipe that crosses the creek in the Bluffview subdivision.

I’ve also been setting up a non-profit organization. We’re calling it Stepping Stone Outdoors. Soon we’ll be sponsoring events with contests to raise money for getting people involved in nature here in the community.

The Center for Hope has been helping me find resources in the community to further my ability to mentor. Their board meeting was encouraging, and Dr. Denny gave me the opportunity on Aug. 2nd to speak with the Kiwanis Club about the things I was working toward in the community. The Center for Hope is all about helping people heal and it would be an honor to partner with them in some way.

Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying my summer off. My wife has been doing some tutoring over the break and the girls have slept in impressively. The baby’s even starting to catch on.

Find a way of contacting me if you have a good idea for the city. You can always leave me a message at City Hall. Till next time. 🙂

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